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who owns hauser and wirthwho owns hauser and wirth


Hauser & Wirth's Profile, Revenue and Employees. Ursula Hauser grew up in St. Gallen, Switzerland, where she co-founded and directed a family retail business. He joined the gallery in 2000 as a Director in Zurich after having served on the management team of the Art Basel fair and as a director at Galerie Bob Van Orsouw. + ' @media (max-width: 767px){ .close-signup {top:0 !important;} }' document.cookie = prefix + cname + "=" + cvalue + ";" + expires + ";path=/"; Hauser & Wirth Publishers newly opened headquarters in Zurich features a publishers bookshop that joins its counterparts in New York and London shops that also serve as local hubs for communities and artists, where the gallery presents a range of public programming. This archive includes sketchbooks, photographs . // ------------------------------------------------------------------- clearInterval(initOuibounce); ft. former flour mill, the Globe Mills complex, in downtown Los Angeles in 2016. Hauser & Wirth's primary competitors include Gallery Delaive, Lisa Kehler Art + Projects, Whitestone Gallery and 39 more. var a = this.serializeArray(); + ' @media (max-width: 575px){ #ouibounce-modal {display:none !important;} }' Hauser & Wirth Profile and History . var $form = $(formElement); Marc Payot has worked closely with Iwan and Manuela Wirth for the better part of two decades. $form.find('.signup-failed').show().siblings().hide(); Preservation Award Recipient. The Wirths are benefactors of museums and international art projects, and contribute to a range of charities supporting the arts, architecture, the environment, conservation, community, and education. Ewan Venters, CEO of both Artfarm and Hauser & Wirth, said in a statement, As a member for some time myself, I understand the special place the Groucho occupies in Londons cultural landscape. slideInModal('Up'); loadFontAwesome: false Payot said the bidding activity picked up considerably towards the end of the sale, which closed yesterday, with demand coming from the U.S., Europe, and Asia. }; var ouibounceScript = '